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Programme Management Office | Management Operations

Programme Management Office

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Wellcome Sanger Institute Programme Management Office 2019

Our Work and Approach

The purpose of the Programme Management Office at the Wellcome Sanger Institute is to support the Institute’s mission at the cutting edge of genomics, by implementing the changes necessary to remain internationally competitive. These changes include building new facilities, assembling new teams and implementing new operational capabilities such as new DNA sequencing technologies.

As a team of project managers, we have developed a methodology that enables us to manage a broad portfolio of projects across the Wellcome Genome Campus.

The Sanger Institute decided to build a Project Management Office after successfully using a project manager to launch a strategic shift into stem cell biology. That programme established faculty research projects, a new industrial scale stem cell core facility and the various supporting processes across IT, ethics, legal etc. required to bring the vision to life.

We are a team of project managers drawn from various academic and commercial backgrounds that work on projects in Scientific Operations (for example DNA Pipelines), Management Operations (for example HR and Finance) and strategic scientific projects.

We manage our portfolio of projects with the Institute’s leadership so that our limited resource adds greatest value. One of the ways we are seeking to support the Institute is to provide coaching, mentoring and training to others managing change at the Institute.


Information and Related Groups

The Programme Management Office work with many teams and groups across the Genome Campus, some of those teams and relationships are detailed here.