eDAM : Electronic Data Access Mechanism


Please note that this system has now been decommissioned and replaced with eDAM2. You can still view and amend any existing applications by logging in below. Please visit eDAM2 to submit new applications.

For applicants with existing eDAM accounts and applications:

  • You can no longer submit new applications on this page. Please visit eDAM2 to submit your application. You will be able to log into eDAM2 using your existing account details.
  • Your pending applications will continue to be processed in this system.
  • Your approved applications will remain accessible on this page for a limited period of time. We recommend that you download copies of the data access agreements for your own records.

For new applicants without eDAM accounts:
Please visit eDAM2 to register a new account and submit your application.

For further information about the changeover from eDAM to eDAM2 as well as the dataset application process more generally, please refer to this FAQ.

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