Wellcome Sanger Institute

Gene Editing and Cellular Research and Development

Cellular Operations

We develop novel genome editing techniques, cellular differentiation and cellular phenotyping systems, especially with respect to high-throughput investigation of gene and non-coding regulatory element function. 

  • Developing induced pluripotent stem cell models of genetic disease
  • Genetic screening techniques using pooled and arrayed CRISPR/Cas9
  • Differentiation protocols of pluripotent stem cells to brain and blood-derived lineages
  • Application of screening to complex phenotypic readouts such as single cell transcriptomics or spatial genomics 

We develop novel cutting-edge CRISPR screening techniques such as saturation mutagenesis, base editing, dual guide libraries and CRISPRa/i and couple these to complex phenotypic readouts such as single cell transcriptomics, spatial genomics or phenotypic assays of cellular function. We also work with and develop human cellular systems and differentiation protocols of iPSCs in both 2D and 3D to better model human disease states in vitro. The systems developed will be applied to probe the genetic basis of cellular function in health and disease and understand the underlying cell biology.


We work with the following groups



Open Targets is an innovative, large-scale, multi-year, public-private partnership that uses human genetics and genomics data for systematic drug target identification and prioritisation.



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