Strategy and Funding

The Sanger Institute uses genome sequences to advance understanding of the biology of humans and pathogens in order to improve human health.


Our scientific niche is in large-scale, high-throughput biology, often incorporating systematic genome-wide screens. These are enabled by major data generation platforms in DNA sequencing, cellular genetics and mouse genetics with an accompanying large IT platform supporting computational data analysis.

An overarching theme of our science is genome variation; naturally occurring and engineered, inherited and somatic; explored in human beings, pathogenic microorganisms, human cells and mice.

Our research is organised into Programmes:

A major priority of our research portfolio is addressing scientific questions arising from the health issues facing low- and middle-income countries.

We dedicate resources to the organisation and presentation of data through publicly accessible databases and follow a policy of early and open data release.

The Institute positions itself at the centre of a network of science, engaging proactively with external researchers, enabling and empowering their science and extending our scientific repertoire through their biological insights and questions.


The Sanger Institute is supported by a recurrent quinquennial core grant from the Wellcome Trust.

In addition to the core funding from the Wellcome Trust the Sanger Institute is also supported by a number of external grants from large and small funders including UK Research Councils, Charities, the EU and NIH.

Annual Financial Statements

Please download and read our annual financial reports below.