Our Vision

Our Vision

A world leader in genome research

tree.jpgSanger Institute, Genome Research Limited

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is a world leader in genome research that delivers insights into human and pathogen biology that change science and medicine through:

  • Being an ‘ideas factory’; conceiving new questions to address through genomics and biological science at scale.
  • Driving genomics technology development and implementation.
  • Innovating genomic data aggregation and analysis.
  • Large-scale DNA sequence and phenotype data production from humans, pathogens and cells.
  • Addressing scientific questions underpinning health issues of low and middle income countries.
  • Training scientists and clinicians in genome sciences.
  • Leading global research initiatives with international partners.
  • Being at the centre of a collaborative network of science.

Sanger Institute 2018/19 Highlights

In the 2018/19 Wellcome Sanger Institute Highlights, we showcase the key discoveries and future research interests of our Scientific Programmes, each exploring a major area of research with a particular biological, disease or analytic focus. The studies provide vital insights into human, parasite and microbe evolution, cellular growth and activity, and the processes that underlie mutation and tumour formation. In addition the Institute has launched its latest research programme, the Tree of Life, which will facilitate the sequencing and exploration of all complex life in the British Isles.

The interactive 2018/19 pdf also explores how the Institute promotes, supports and disseminates genomic knowlege and practices to benefit academic research, medical practice and society, by utilising:

  • Scale
  • Innovation
  • Culture
  • Influence
  • Connections.

Download the 2018/19 Sanger Highlights interactive PDF.

2017/18 Highlights

2017/18 Highlights of the Wellcome Sanger Institute - Interactive PDF

To download the Sanger Highlights 2017/18 interactive PDF, please click on the image to the left.

2016/17 Highlights

Sanger Institute 2016/17 Highlights Interactive PDF

To download the Sanger Highlights 2016/17 interactive PDF, please click on the image to the left.