The Sanger Institute

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is a world leader in genome research and aims to deliver new insights into human and pathogen biology that change the course of biology and medicine. Our mission is to use genome sequences to increase understanding of human and pathogen biology in order to improve human health.

Our Faculty conceive and deliver our science and the Institute’s scientific aspirations are driven by their vision, imagination and intellectual energy.

Our science is organised into Programmes:

  • Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation
  • Cellular Genetics
  • Human Genetics
  • Parasites and Microbes
  • Tree of Life

Our Faculty work closely with our Scientific Operations teams which are responsible for all data production pipelines at the Institute, overseen by the Director of Scientific Operations. The Institute has four major core facilities:

  • DNA Pipelines
  • Animal Facility
  • Cellular Genetics and Phenotyping Facility
  • Information Technology

We have smaller core facilities for Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting and Cytogenetics and a new facility for Single Cell Genomics.

Our concept of the Sanger Institute is as an ‘ideas factory’, driven by a collective of imaginative scientists with a shared commitment to understanding genomes and their biological implications, with competencies and experience in their analysis, but with diverse expertise in biology, genetics, medicine, pathology, technology, informatics, computational science, mathematics and statistics, who work alongside each other, with a particular scientific culture, intellectual critical mass, and technical, IT and analytic support to develop and follow bold ideas in an agile manner.