Case studies

Case studies

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Case Studies of Animal Research

The animals at the Sanger Institute are used in research to understand the basis of disease and help reduce the global health burden

More about our animal research


More about our work with animals

In our work using animals, we work hard to provide the highest standards of housing and welfare.

The Institute, through the Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body, considers the ethics and scientific value of our research and all research proposals implement the 3Rs.

  1. Replacement: employing research methods that avoid or replace the use of animals in research whenever possible
  2. Reduction: designing experiments to produce as much useful information from the fewest number of animals possible
  3. Refinement: ensuring that the approaches used alleviate or minimize any potential pain, suffering or distress for the animals and enhance animal welfare.

Our scientists who work with animals take pride in their care and in their world-leading research, which aims to reduce the global healthcare burden.

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