Personality Psychometric Packages

Personality Psychometric Packages


Wellcome Sanger Institute Scientific Education & Excellence Development (SEED) Scheme: Personality Psychometric Packages

This short intervention is useful for people at all levels of leadership in life sciences research. It is available on a rolling basis, lasts 2.5 hours and includes 1-1 feedback to help you discover your preferred management style, understand your motivations and identify areas for development.

This is a short intervention that can be accessed either as a standalone opportunity or as part of our five bespoke management programmes.

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Course Overview

Designed for: All supervisors, managers and leaders

Programme length: 2.5 hours

Features: Complete online; 1-1 feedback session

Key topics: Leadership style and preferences; self-awareness; how you like to be managed; what motivates you;
what you contribute to a team; strengths and development areas

Price: £495 (plus VAT)

Dates: Rolling basis

Course description

This Personality Psychometric tool will help you become more self-aware, explore your personality and learn how you relate to others.

Topics covered by the course
  • Understanding your leadership style and preferences
  • Increasing your self-awareness
  • How you liked to be managed
  • What motivates you
  • What you contribute to a team
  • Your strengths and development areas

Your report will be fed back in a 1-1 feedback session.

To access

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