Key scientific staff

This page provides information about our key scientific staff who work with our Faculty research leaders to carry out research, develop and maintain our research infrastructure and provide technical support for the research activities of the Sanger Institute.

Stephen Bentley - Bacterial transmission.

Stephen Bentley - Bacterial Transmission

Stephen Bentley is a Principal Scientist using high-throughput sequencing to study transmission of bacterial pathogens over time and around the world. Stephen's email and profile.

James Bussell - Research Support Facility.

James Bussell - Research Support Facility

James Bussell leads the Institute's Research Support Facility, which maintains and cares for the animals used in the Sanger Institute's research programmes.

Jyoti Choudhary - Proteomic Mass Spectrometry.

Jyoti Choudhary - Proteomic Mass Spectrometry

Jyoti Choudhary leads the Proteomic Mass Spectrometry facility, which conducts research and technology development for proteogenomics and network proteomics.

Tony Cox - Sequencing Informatics.

Tony Cox - Sequencing Informatics

Tony Cox is the head of Sequencing Informatics, which develops and applies informatics technologies to support the tracking of samples, projects and sequences through the Institute's sequencing pipeline.

Jen Harrow - Vertebrate Annotation.

Jen Harrow - Vertebrate Annotation

Jen Harrow is joint head of Vertebrate Annotation, which improves methods and examines datasets to obtain highly accurate gene annotation of human, mouse and zebrafish reference genomes.
Jen's email and profile.

Cordelia Langford - Genome Analysis Pipelines.

Cordelia Langford - Joint Head of DNA Pipeline Operations

Dr Cordelia Langford has worked at the Sanger Institute for 19 years, and is joint Head of DNA Pipeline Operations with specific accountability for the Illumina Sequencing teams. Three teams of staff process 4000 to 6000 samples per month for whole genome shotgun, exome and custom/targeted sequencing as well as ChIPSeq and RNASeq using automation for sample preparation and a fleet of 33 Illumina HiSeq instruments.

Ralph McGinnis - Statistical Genetics of Disease association, Drug response, and Ethnic Variation.

Ralph McGinnis - Statistical Genetics of Disease association, Drug response, and Ethnic Variation

Ralph McGinnis carries out collaborative and independent statistical genetics research at the Institute in the genetics of disease association, drug response and ethnic variation.
Ralph's email and profile.

Emma Millican - DNA Pipelines.

Emma Millican - Director of Scientific Operations

Emma oversees the development and delivery of our core scientific pipelines to produce high-quality data and resources and ensure that are be able to adapt to the constantly changing demands of new technologies. Core pipelines include Sequencing and Genome Analysis, Cellular Genetics and Phenotyping, Research Support, Mouse Informatics, Mouse Production and Mouse Phenotyping.

Ramiro Ramirez-Solis - Mouse Genetics Programme.

Ramiro Ramirez-Solis - Mouse Genetics Project

Ramiro Ramirez-Solis manages the Mouse Genetics Project, which generates large numbers of mutant mouse lines and carries out primary phenotypic screens.

Paul Woobey - Director of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Paul Woobey - Director of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Paul Woobey is the Director of ICT and leads the IT facility, which provides a high-performance IT infrastructure and a data management to support the large-scale science performed at the Sanger Institute.

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