Corporate management

The Board of Management led by our Director, Mike Stratton, provides leadership for the Institute.

The operational management and supporting structure of the Sanger Institute is provided by Corporate Services.

Board of Management

Genome Research Limited (GRL), the Institute's governing body, delegates authority to a Board of Management. The main objectives of the Board of Management are to ensure delivery of strategic aims and objectives, to provide leadership across the whole Institute and to ensure high standards of scientific, corporate and charity governance. The members of the Board of Management are:

Professor Mike Stratton, Deputy Director of the Sanger Institute.

Professor Mike Stratton - Director of the Sanger Institute

Professor Mike Stratton is leader of the Institute's Board of Management and co-leads the Cancer Genome Project. Mike also plays a leadership role in the International Cancer Genome Consortium, a global initiative to characterise changes in 50 different tumour types and subtypes. Mike's biography.

Dr Inês Barroso, Joint Acting Head of Human Genetics.

Dr Inês Barroso - Head of Human Genetics

Dr Inês Barroso is leader of Human Genetics at the Institute. She also leads the Institute's Metabolic Disease Group, which uses genetic and genomic approaches to understand the aetiology of common and rare forms of metabolic disease.
Inês' profile.

Dr Peter Campbell - Head of Cancer Genetics and Genomics.

Dr Peter Campbell - Head of Cancer Genetics and Genomics

Dr Peter Campbell oversees research in Cancer Genetics and Genomics. He is also joint head of the Institute's Cancer Genome Project, a role he shares with the Institute's Director, Professor Mike Stratton. Peter's profile.

Martin Dougherty, Chief Operating Officer.

Dr Martin Dougherty - Chief Operating Officer

Martin oversees the management of the Institute and chairs the Operations Board which takes on some of the responsibility for the day-to-day operational running of the Institute. In addition, he is responsible for the broader operation of the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus.

Head of Computational Genomics.

Dr Richard Durbin - Head of Computational Genomics

Dr Richard Durbin has taken over the leadership of Computational Genomics at the Institute on an interim basis, following Tim Hubbard's decision to step down from the Board of Management and accepting a leadership role at King's College (KCL) and King's Health Partners (KHP). Richard also leads the Genome Informatics group that focuses on studying human genetic variation by genome-wide resequencing using new sequencing techniques.

Head of Malaria.

Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski - Head of Malaria

Dominic is Head of the Malaria programme at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and holds a joint appointment at the University of Oxford. He leads collaborative research to study genomic diversity and evolution of pathogen and vector populations by building data-gathering infrastructures and data-sharing networks. Dominic's profile.

Stephen Masson, Head of Finance and Procurement.

Stephen Masson - Director of Finance and Procurement

The Finance and Procurement department provides budget support and monthly management and project financial information. It also provides a purchasing service to the Institute. The department produces annual statutory reports that comply with our financial obligations as a company and a charity.

Emma Millican - Head of DNA Pipelines.

Emma Millican - Director of Scientific Operations

Emma oversees the development and delivery of our core scientific pipelines to produce high-quality data and resources and ensure that are be able to adapt to the constantly changing demands of new technologies. Core pipelines include Sequencing and Genome Analysis, Cellular Genetics and Phenotyping, Research Support, Mouse Informatics, Mouse Production and Mouse Phenotyping.

Professor Julian Parkhill - Head of Pathogen Biology.

Professor Julian Parkhill - Head of Pathogen Genetics

As well as conducting his own research projects in Pathogen Genomics, Professor Julian Parkhill oversees Faculty, researchers and students working in Pathogen Genetics. Julian's profile.

Dr Derek Stemple, Acting Head of Mouse and Zebrafish Genetics.

Dr Derek Stemple - Head of Mouse and Zebrafish Genetics

Dr Derek Stemple oversees research in Mouse and Zebrafish Genetics at the Institute. He also leads the Vertebrate Development and Genetics group which studies a range of projects related to growth and development and human disease, using the model organisms X. tropicalis and the zebrafish.
Derek's profile.

Corporate Services

The mission of the department is to provide professionally led services and an administrative framework which is responsive to our science needs.

Martin Dougherty, Chief Operating Officer.

Dr Martin Dougherty - Chief Operating Officer

Martin Dougherty is the Board of Management representative for the Institute's Corporate Services teams.

Head of Campus Health and Safety and Laboratory Facilities.

Head of Campus Health and Safety and Laboratory Facilities

Simon Rice will join the Sanger Institute as Head of Campus Health and Safety and Laboratory Facilities in September. Working with other teams, the Campus Health & Safety Team ensures that high standards of health and safety management are met across the Campus. The Laboratory Facilities Team provides a range of services and project management for laboratory improvements and development.

Stephen Masson, Head of Finance and Procurement.

Stephen Masson - Director of Finance and Procurement

The Finance and Procurement department provides financial management, purchasing services, annual reports and budget support.

Julia Willingale-Theune - Public Engagement Manager.

Julia Willingale-Theune - Public Engagement Manager

The Communication and Public Engagement team aims to stimulate interest in biomedical science and to encourage informed discussion about issues relevant to Sanger Institute research. We work to provide opportunities and online resources for a range of audiences to engage with Sanger Institute researchers and their work.

External Relations.

Julia Wilson - External Relations

Julia Wilson is the Associate Director of External Relations, helping to build and support the relationships that are needed to support the strategic vision of the Institute. These activities range from interactions with the scientific community, commercial entities, funders and other key stakeholders. For more information, please contact Julia Wilson.

Phil Butcher, Head of IT.

Paul Woobey - Director of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Paul Woobey is the Director of ICT and leads the IT facility, which provides a high-performance IT infrastructure and a data management to support the large-scale science performed at the Sanger Institute.

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