The Sanger Institute Board of Management

The Sanger Institute Board of Management

The Sanger Institute's Board of Management (BoM) includes the Heads of the four Science Programmes, the Chief Operating Officer, the Director of Scientific Operations and the Head of Finance. The BoM is responsible for advising and supporting the Director in his management responsibilities. Specifically it ensures that the Institute’s science is delivered according to its research plans through effective leadership, management and oversight. The BoM has delegated authority from the GRL Executive and its members are as below:

Mike Stratton - Director


Mike is Director of the Sanger Institute and Chair of the Board of Management.

Mike's Director Page

Peter Campbell - Head of Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation Programme

Martin Dougherty - Chief Operating Officer

Matt Hurles - Head of Human Genetics Programme

Maggie Payne - Chief Financial Officer

Dominic Kwiatkowski - Head of Parasites and Microbes Programme


Dominic leads the newly formed Parasites and Microbes Programme at the Sanger Institute, which combines the talents and technologies of the Malaria Programme and the Infection Genomics Programme.

Dominic's profile

Parasites and Microbes Programme

Sarah Teichmann - Head of Cellular Genetics

Cordelia Langford - Director of Scientific Operations