Faculty recruitment

Faculty recruitment

We look to our Faculty to provide the vision to establish and lead internationally influential science, while giving them access to unparalleled facilities to support the delivery of projects and the generation of data and biological resources on a vast scale. The research projects of each Faculty member are aligned to and strengthen our overarching areas of human genetics, cancer, ageing and somatic mutations, cellular genomics, infection genomics, malaria and bioinformatics.

Within each Faculty, there are three levels of seniority:

  • Career Development Fellow (CDF) Group Leader
  • Group Leader
  • Senior Group Leader

Recruitment process

Faculty recruitment takes place in one of two ways:

  • By applying in competition for advertised, core-funded positions in strategically aligned areas;
  • With the sponsorship of a Board of Management member, applying for and securing an external career development award [or clinical equivalent] from a major funding body in the biomedical research sector for example MRC, CR-UK.

Please note: Fellowships from the Wellcome Trust may only be held at the Institute if they come under one of the Trust's clinical schemes.