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yourgenome.org is our website that keeps you updated on the latest developments in genetics and genomic science. It introduces the biology of DNA, genes and genomes, and points to major discoveries and applications. Animations, videos and activities demonstrate the innovative tools and technologies used by scientists to uncover the secrets within genomes. As these technologies emerge and influence clinical healthcare, yourgenome.org discusses the ethical implications for you, your family and society.

To find out more go to: www.yourgenome.org

yourgenome.org is our website on genetic and genomic science.

yourgenome.org is our website on genetic and genomic science.

What's on yourgenome

Genomes, health and society shows how researchers are discovering and understanding differences in our genomes. The results of this research and advances in genome technologies will have far-reaching implications for us all, both in our individual choices and what we accept and do as a society.

Find out about the story of the Human Genome Project (HGP) and the influential role of the Sanger Institute in this project that is revolutionising our understanding of human biology. See how DNA is sequenced and hear from the leading scientists who were part of this global project.

Travel around our genome and explore key genes using the Genome Explorer.

For Teachers section

If you are a teacher, the For Teachers section provides a range of activities and resources that you can use to support the teaching of genetics and genomics. These cover a range of subjects including DNA structure and sequencing, cancer and pathogen genetics.

Explore the disease malaria in our resource Malaria Challenge


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