Applying for a role

Applying for a role

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is a hybrid research organisation with large scientific infrastructures sitting alongside world-leading Faculty and leading edge scientific projects.

We employ around 1000 people and, due to the unique nature and scale of our science, we provide opportunities across a broad spectrum of occupational and career groups. We recruit locally, nationally and internationally and welcome applications and expressions of interest at every level. These range from junior technical roles requiring no formal scientific qualifications to pure 'research' roles where a PhD is essential; from having responsibility for an independent project or a piece of software, to managing large numbers of projects and people. We also have many roles that do not require scientific qualifications - our staff who support our science in roles such as informatics, finance and administration are equally as important to our success.

Whether you are interested in a training position, a longer term career or simply wish to contribute to the exciting work going on here and gain valuable experience, we offer many opportunities which are advertised on the Sanger Institute Jobsite. We have a thriving graduate programme, offer a wide range of opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and provide short-term placements for students at all levels. We also host visiting scientists from around the world.

We aim to provide candidates, particularly those from overseas, with all the information they might need about working for the Wellcome Sanger Institute. This includes working at the thriving Wellcome Genome Campus which is home to some of the world’s foremost institutes and organisations in genomics and computational biology, as well as living in or around Cambridge.

Submitting an application

Our job application process has been designed to ensure that candidates experience a smooth recruitment journey. We recruit locally, nationally and internationally and welcome applications and expressions of interest at every level.

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is conviently located just nine miles from the famous university city of Cambridge. The Institute is housed on the Wellcome Genome Campus in the grounds of Hinxton Hall, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens adjacent to a wetland reserve. As well as the vibrant city of Cambridge, the Wellcome Genome Campus is close to the lovely towns of Newmarket, Saffron Walden and Haverhill.

Application process

All recruitment at the Wellcome Sanger Institute is handled on-line through the Sanger Jobsite where you can register your interest in working at the Institute. Once you have registered, you will have access to a host of features which will allow you to manage your personal profile and track the progress of your job applications.

Applications for specific vacancies normally require the completion of an application form and submission of a CV. Your CV is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and experience and illustrate why you are the best person for the job. Writing your CV to fit the job that you are applying for is very important and you are more likely to be successful if you take time to tailor your CV to the role you are applying for.

Interview process

If you are successfully shortlisted for a vacancy, you will be invited to attend an interview. This is your opportunity to explain why you are the right person for the job and our opprtunity to explain more about the role and the benfits of working at the Institute. Our interview format varies depending on the role we are recruiting for. However our guiding principle is to gain, in a very short time, as much information as possible about the fit between the candidate and the job.

There is no one standard approach to interviews in a scientific research institute. The recruiting manager will determine the structure of the interview, number of interviewers, and the need for any additional assessments such as tests, practical exercises or a presentation. The format of your interview will be explained in advance to allow you time to prepare.

In advance, think about how you best fit the role you are applying and how you can demonstrate this at the interview. Consider the attributes, skills and experience required for role and be ready to give practical examples which illustrate what you can bring to the role. Be prepared to answer questions about what is your CV in relation to previous roles or study you have undertaken. Remember this is not only the opportunity for us to determine if you are the right person for the job but also for you to decide if you want to work at the Sanger Institute. Prepare questions that will help you to understand more about the job, the people you will be working with, what is expected of you in the role, and what it’s like working at the Sanger Institute.

Getting here

The Sanger Institute is located on the Wellcome Genome Campus, nine miles south of Cambridge and near to the village of Hinxton. It is easily accessible by road and public transport. Please allow plenty of time to get to your interview. When you get here, please register your arrival with the campus Security Reception at the main South entrance. This is located on the left before the security barriers and gatehouse. Security staff will have details of all appointments with external visitors. You will be provided with a temporary pass for the duration of your visit. You must return this before you leave.

Interview expenses

Under some circumstances, the Institute will reimburse your cost of travel and accommodation to attend an interview. These must be agreed with the Recruitment Team in advance and before making any bookings. If you travel costs are approved, you will need to complete an Expense Claim Form. Please bring this with you when attending your interview to have your costs reimbursed.

When booking rail, bus travel or flights we will reimburse costs for economy class tickets only. The nearest rail station is Whittlesford Parkway and the nearest airport is Stansted. Please use these where possible. If you require a taxi from a local station, please telephone 01223 494788 (Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm) to arrange.

If you travel by car, and the journey is in excess of 40 miles each way, we will reimburse your fuel costs at the rate of 25 pence per mile.

Reimbursement for overnight accommodation will only be considered if it is not possible to travel on the day of the interview.

Overseas applicants

The Sanger Institute is located on the Wellcome Genome Campus, close to the vibrant university city of Cambridge. As well close access to London, and a thriving local social and academic scene, there are plenty of housing and schooling options for you and your family.


If you are an overseas worker, you may be required to obtain a visa before you can work in the UK.

If you are a non-EEA (European Economic Area) national, without the right to work in the UK, you will need to obtain a visa before you can commence employment at the Institute. To apply for your visa, visit the UK Visas and Immigration website.

If you are a visiting worker and will not have an employment contract with the Institute, you can obtain information on the visa you need to apply for by on the UK Visas and Immigration website.

If you are unsure what type of visa you require, or for further advice and help, please email our HR team:


Your entitlement to access the National Health Service [NHS] treatment depends on the length and purpose of your residence in the UK, not your nationality.

Non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals who apply to come to the UK to work, study or join family after 6 April 2015 for a period of more than 6 months will have to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge when making their visa application. This health surcharge will also be paid by non-EEA nationals who are already in the UK and apply to extend their stay after 6 April 2015.

If you are entitled to NHS treatment, you can receive treatment immediately. There is no qualifying period. It is advisable to approach a GP practice and apply to register as an NHS patient as soon as possible after taking up residence in the UK. There may be charges for some NHS services, for example, your dental treatment, and you may be entitled to help with these charges.

For a guide to NHS services, visit the NHS Choices website.

Sanger Institute Private Healthcare Scheme

Workers who have an employment contract with the Institute are given the opportunity to join the Institute's private health care scheme after completeing six month's employment. This provides membership to a premier private health scheme without any direct cost to the employee; members can also opt to add dependants to the scheme at their own cost. The policy and cover provided by this scheme is not intended to cover all eventualities and is designed to complement rather than replace all the services provided by the National Health Service (NHS). The policy covers treatment of medical conditions that respond quickly to treatment and is not intended to cover you against the costs of recurrent, continuing or long-term treatment of chronic conditions.

Income Tax, National Insurance, Opening a Bank Account and Pensions

If you are offered a contract of employment with the Institute, you will be provided with a general guide for overseas employees can be found here. This will provide you with information on working and living in the UK including, payment of salary, income tax, national insurance contributions and opening a bank account.