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Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science works closely with the Wellcome Sanger Institute and other organisations on the Wellcome Genome Campus to enable everyone to explore genomic science and its impact on research, health and society.

Connecting Science inspires new thinking, sparks conversation and supports learning by drawing on the ground-breaking research taking place on the Campus.  It connects researchers, health professionals and the wider public, creating opportunities and spaces to explore genomic science and its impact on people.

The programme comprises teams with a range of skills and expertise, and is led by Professor Julian Rayner.

Learning and Training 

Learning and Training

Connecting Science is creating an international community of researchers and healthcare professionals, tackling global health challenges by applying and sharing the latest biomedical genomics research and practices.

Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences 

Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences funds, develops and delivers training and conferences that span basic research, cutting-edge biomedicine, and the application of genomics in healthcare.

Working with internationally-renowned scientists and healthcare professionals, they run events at the Wellcome Genome Campus and in low- and middle-income countries that aim to educate, inspire, and transform careers.

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Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre 

The Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre offers event and meeting spaces designed for knowledge sharing in the scientific research community. It combines stunning contemporary architecture with the Grade II*- listed Hinxton Hall, offering flexible meeting rooms for 2 to 300, as well as catering and luxury accommodation, all set in the tranquil Campus grounds.

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Engagement and Society

Engagement and Society

Connecting Science is engaging global public audiences with the breadth of genomic science and its impact on society. They encourage conversations, ask for opinions, and empower researchers to share their experiences.

Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement 

Public Engagement’s ambition is to build a world-leading engaged research campus by supporting and empowering the Wellcome Genome Campus community to develop relationships across a range of different audiences. They do this through a varied programme of support, mentoring and the creation of live and digital experiences.

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Wellcome Genome Campus Society and Ethics Research 

Society and Ethics Research explore ethical, legal and social issues raised by genomics. With specialist expertise in genetic counselling, they contribute a societal voice on the impact of genomics on patients, as well as develop policy and teaching practice. Their empirical research often has an ethical conundrum at the heart of it, and the team delivers evidence-based engagement around attitudes, trust and value in genomics.

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The Connecting Science Programme Office provides strategic oversight, project development, and marketing and communications support across the programme.

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