The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a hybrid research organisation with large scientific infrastructures sitting alongside world-leading Faculty and leading edge scientific projects.

Due to the unique nature and scale of our science, we provide opportunities across a broad spectrum of occupational and career groups. These range from junior technical roles requiring no formal scientific qualifications to pure 'research' roles where a PhD is essential; from having responsibility for an independent project or a piece of software, to managing large numbers of projects and people.

Our main job groupings are listed below and give an indication of the range of opportunities available. Job adverts and role profiles will detail the qualifications and experience required for specific vacancies.

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Faculty positions

Faculty positionsWe periodically have openings at Faculty level


Postdoctoral fellows

Postdoctoral fellowsWe offer a wide range of opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellows


Opportunities for clinicians

Opportunities for cliniciansWe have opportunities for clinicians at many levels


Janet Thornton Fellowship

Janet Thornton FellowshipA Postdoctoral Fellowship for those who have been away from scientific research for one year or more


Graduate programme

Graduate programmeWe have a thriving graduate programme. Learn more about our clinical and 4-year PhD programmes


Student placements and work experience

Student placements and work experienceWe run a number of placement schemes for students at various stages of their education


Other opportunities

Other opportunitiesincluding Staff Scientist, Scientific Manager, IT and Informatics, Research Assistant, Technical and Administration


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