Available To Order

The following genes (beginning with Y) all have alleles available to order now. 11989 alleles are currently available to order.

Gene name Ensembl ID Human orthologue Mouse orthologue Alleles found Associated phenotype
yars ENSDARG00000035913 YARS Yars 2 Not determined
ybx1 ENSDARG00000004757 YBX1 Ybx1 2 Not determined
yipf6 ENSDARG00000054433 YIPF6 Yipf6 1 Not determined
yrk ENSDARG00000004378 FYN Fyn 1 Not determined
ythdc1 ENSDARG00000051953 YTHDC1 Ythdc1 2 Not determined
ythdf1 ENSDARG00000016447 YTHDF1 Ythdf1 1 Not determined
ywhaba ENSDARG00000013078 YWHAB
2 Not determined
ywhae2 ENSDARG00000017014 YWHAE
Ywhae 1 Not determined
ywhag2 ENSDARG00000071658 YWHAG Ywhag 1 Not determined
ywhaqa ENSDARG00000042539 YWHAQ Ywhaq 2 Normal