Available To Order

The following genes (beginning with J) all have alleles available to order now. 11989 alleles are currently available to order.

Gene name Ensembl ID Human orthologue Mouse orthologue Alleles found Associated phenotype
jag1a ENSDARG00000030289 JAG1 Jag1 2 Normal
jag1b ENSDARG00000013168 JAG1 Jag1 2 Not determined
jag2 ENSDARG00000021389 JAG2 Jag2 5 Not determined
JAG2 (2 of 2) ENSDARG00000014246 JAG2 Jag2 4 Not determined
jak2a ENSDARG00000007915 JAK2 Jak2 1 Not determined
jak2b ENSDARG00000018882 JAK2 Jak2 1 Not determined
jam3b ENSDARG00000061794 JAM3 Jam3 2 Not determined
jarid2a ENSDARG00000060925 JARID2 Jarid2 2 Not determined
jarid2b ENSDARG00000062268 JARID2 Jarid2 2 Not determined
jazf1a ENSDARG00000036243 JAZF1 Jazf1 1 Not determined
jhdm1da ENSDARG00000018111 JHDM1D Jhdm1d 4 Not determined
jmjd1c ENSDARG00000079939 JMJD1C Jmjd1c 3 Not determined
jmjd7 ENSDARG00000035546 JMJD7
1110034B05Rik 1 Not determined
jph1a ENSDARG00000058603 JPH1 Jph1 1 Not determined
jph1b ENSDARG00000038826 JPH1 Jph1 1 Not determined
jph2 ENSDARG00000028625 JPH2 Jph2 1 Normal
jund ENSDARG00000067850 JUND Jund 1 Not determined
jup ENSDARG00000070787 JUP Jup
3 Not determined