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Susceptibility loci associated with specific and shared subtypes of lymphoid malignancies.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
abcb3l1 TAP2 ENSDARG00000036787 2 Normal 3
jarid2a JARID2 ENSDARG00000060925 4 Not determined 3
jarid2b JARID2 ENSDARG00000062268 3 Not determined 3
LOC556826 TAP2 ENSDARG00000033446 3 Not determined 3
LOC797048 RNF182 ENSDARG00000059854 None Not determined 1
mhc2dab HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000079105 None Not determined 6
mhc2dab HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000079105 None Not determined 3
mhc2dab HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000079105 None Not determined 24
mhc2dab HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000079105 None Not determined 35
NP_001091732.1 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000071168 1 Not determined 6
NP_001091732.1 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000071168 1 Not determined 3
NP_001091732.1 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000071168 1 Not determined 24
NP_001091732.1 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000071168 1 Not determined 35
si:busm1-104n07.3 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000074510 1 Normal 24
si:busm1-104n07.3 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000074510 1 Normal 35
si:busm1-104n07.3 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000074510 1 Normal 6
si:busm1-104n07.3 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000074510 1 Normal 3
si:busm1-160c18.1 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000053739 1 Not determined 27
si:busm1-160c18.1 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000053739 1 Not determined 21
si:busm1-160c18.1 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000053739 1 Not determined 17
si:busm1-160c18.3 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000053738 None Not determined 3
si:busm1-160c18.3 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000053738 None Not determined 24
si:busm1-160c18.3 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000053738 None Not determined 35
si:busm1-160c18.3 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000053738 None Not determined 6
si:busm1-160c18.3 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000093706 None Not determined 35
si:busm1-160c18.3 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000093706 None Not determined 6
si:busm1-160c18.3 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000093706 None Not determined 3
si:busm1-160c18.3 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000093706 None Not determined 24
si:busm1-194e12.11 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000055441 None Not determined 21
si:busm1-194e12.11 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000055441 None Not determined 17
si:busm1-194e12.11 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000055441 None Not determined 27
si:busm1-194e12.12 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000055447 None Not determined 6
si:busm1-194e12.12 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000055447 None Not determined 3
si:busm1-194e12.12 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000055447 None Not determined 24
si:busm1-194e12.12 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000055447 None Not determined 35
si:busm1-228j01.3 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000086294 3 Not determined 27
si:busm1-228j01.3 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000086294 3 Not determined 21
si:busm1-228j01.3 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000086294 3 Not determined 17
si:busm1-228j01.4 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000088872 1 Not determined 6
si:busm1-228j01.4 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000088872 1 Not determined 3
si:busm1-228j01.4 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000088872 1 Not determined 24
si:busm1-228j01.4 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000088872 1 Not determined 35
si:busm1-228j01.5 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000079593 2 Not determined 27
si:busm1-228j01.5 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000079593 2 Not determined 21
si:busm1-228j01.5 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000079593 2 Not determined 17
si:busm1-228j01.6 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000041705 None Not determined 6
si:busm1-228j01.6 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000041705 None Not determined 3
si:busm1-228j01.6 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000041705 None Not determined 24
si:busm1-228j01.6 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000041705 None Not determined 35
si:ch1073-403i13.1 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000001832 None Not determined 21
si:ch1073-403i13.1 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000001832 None Not determined 17
si:ch1073-403i13.1 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000001832 None Not determined 27
si:ch73-211l2.3 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000075932 1 Not determined 27
si:ch73-211l2.3 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000075932 1 Not determined 21
si:ch73-211l2.3 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000075932 1 Not determined 17
si:dkeyp-2h4.2 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000031745 None Not determined 27
si:dkeyp-2h4.2 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000031745 None Not determined 21
si:dkeyp-2h4.2 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000031745 None Not determined 17
si:rp71-15d4.1 LPXN ENSDARG00000079315 None Not determined 2
si:zfos-2070c2.1 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000070206 None Not determined 21
si:zfos-2070c2.1 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000070206 None Not determined 17
si:zfos-2070c2.1 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000070206 None Not determined 27
si:zfos-2070c2.3 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000076307 None Not determined 6
si:zfos-2070c2.3 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000076307 None Not determined 3
si:zfos-2070c2.3 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000076307 None Not determined 24
si:zfos-2070c2.3 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000076307 None Not determined 35
si:zfos-367g9.1 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000074816 1 Not determined 27
si:zfos-367g9.1 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000074816 1 Not determined 21
si:zfos-367g9.1 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000074816 1 Not determined 17
wu:fd58b11 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000054921 None Not determined 35
wu:fd58b11 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000054921 None Not determined 6
wu:fd58b11 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000054921 None Not determined 3
wu:fd58b11 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000054921 None Not determined 24
zgc:123107 HLA-DQA1 ENSDARG00000020286 None Not determined 27
zgc:123107 HLA-DRA ENSDARG00000020286 None Not determined 21
zgc:123107 HLA-DQA2 ENSDARG00000020286 None Not determined 17
zgc:153067 HLA-DRB5 ENSDARG00000056330 1 Not determined 6
zgc:153067 HLA-DQB2 ENSDARG00000056330 1 Not determined 3
zgc:153067 HLA-DQB1 ENSDARG00000056330 1 Not determined 24
zgc:153067 HLA-DRB1 ENSDARG00000056330 1 Not determined 35
zgc:153414 RNF182 ENSDARG00000061049 None Not determined 1
zgc:165481 RNF182 ENSDARG00000060092 None Not determined 1

The following reported genes could not be linked automatically to a zebrafish gene:

  • BTLN2
  • ZFP91-CNTF
  • ZFP91-CNTF