Knockout List

The following genes (beginning with X) have all been mutated. 26633 alleles have currently been generated. A list of genes with alleles available to order is also available.

Gene name Ensembl ID Human orthologue Mouse orthologue Alleles found Associated phenotype
xab2 ENSDARG00000007092 XAB2 Xab2 1 Not determined
xdh ENSDARG00000055240 XDH Xdh 8 Not determined
xiap ENSDARG00000016143 XIAP
Xiap 1 Normal
xirp1 ENSDARG00000030722 XIRP1 Xirp1 5 Normal
xirp2a ENSDARG00000071113 LIMA1 Lima1 1 Not determined
xkr6 ENSDARG00000043410 XKR6 Xkr6 2 Not determined
xpa ENSDARG00000038114 XPA Xpa 1 Not determined
xpnpep2 ENSDARG00000026017 XPNPEP2 Xpnpep2 2 Not determined
xpnpep3 ENSDARG00000007916 XPNPEP3 Xpnpep3 1 Not determined
xpo1 ENSDARG00000063229 XPO1 Xpo1 3 Not determined
XPO6_DANRE ENSDARG00000041217 XPO6 Xpo6 1 Not determined
xpo7 ENSDARG00000005540 XPO7 Xpo7 3 Not determined
xrcc3 ENSDARG00000017928 XRCC3 Xrcc3 1 Not determined
xrcc4 ENSDARG00000010732 XRCC4 Xrcc4 1 Not determined
xrcc6 ENSDARG00000090718 XRCC6 Xrcc6 1 Normal
xrn1 ENSDARG00000091652 XRN1 Xrn1 5 Not determined
xrn2 ENSDARG00000069092 XRN2 Xrn2 1 Not determined
XRRA1 ENSDARG00000089578 XRRA1 Xrra1 1 Not determined