Global Health - Training and Conferences

Through the Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences programme, the Sanger Institute provides cutting edge courses, workshops and conferences of relevance to researchers in the developing world

Building research capacity and expertise in the developing world is an essential component of our aims to share the benefits of rapid advances in genomic approaches to disease. The Sanger Institute runs and contributes to numerous conferences, courses and workshops targeted to researchers in developing countries. Courses are regularly held on campus at Hinxton, Cambridge, but are also run in countries including Kenya, Mali, Thailand, Uruguay and Vietnam. Courses are run in partnership with the Wellcome Trust, as well through networks that we participate in such as MalariaGEN and AVG, such as the annual MalariaGEN Genomic Epidemiology of Malaria conference held in Hinxton every year.

A selected list of upcoming Wellcome Trust conferences and courses of relevance to Global Health are listed below.

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Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses and Workshops

WT Advanced Courses provide training in the latest laboratory techniques and data-analysis tools for PhD students, postdocs and clinicians. The programme is subsidised by the Wellcome Trust and bursaries are available for applicants from anywhere in the world.

Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences

WT Scientific Conferences aim to foster discussion and debate at the cutting-edge of biomedical research. In addition to large-scale conferences for up to 300 delegates, the programme includes smaller meetings and schools focusing on specific research areas.

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