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Working with partners around the world, many Sanger Faculty have well-established multidisciplinary research programmes of relevance to global health

The Sanger Institute's commitment to global health is not new - Plasmodium falciparum and Mycobacterium tuberculosis were among the earliest genome sequencing projects undertaken here. However, the past five years have seen a steady growth in the number of Sanger researchers who are making significant scientific contributions to major problems in global health, spanning bacterial, viral and non-communicable diseases.

Our International Fellows represent the Institute's commitment to supporting research capacity building in developing countries. By working closely with our International Fellows Dr. Sam Kariuki, Kenya and Dr. Abdoulaye Djimde, Mali, we help build expertise in genome research in Africa, and benefit from their invaluable knowledge and insight about global health research issues that come only from working and living in the developing world.

We also support PhD students and Post-Doctoral Fellows from developing countries, who form an active part of the Sanger community. The Sanger Institute Graduate Program is a fully funded initiative that is open to applications world-wide, and as a result includes a cohort of students from Africa, Asia and South America. We also support the Training Health Researchers into Vocational Excellence in East Africa Programme - THRiVE - led by Makerere University, Uganda in partnership with the University of Cambridge.



* Abdoulaye Djimdé - International Fellow
Genomic epidemiology of malaria and antimalarial drug resistance
* Chris Newbold - Malaria Programme
Malaria parasite immune evasion, pathogenesis and genomics
* Chris Tyler-Smith - Human Evolution
Human genome variation, demographic history and natural selection in African populations
* Dominic Kwiatkowski - Malaria Programme
Genomic epidemiology of the malaria host, vector and parasite
* Eleftheria Zeggini - Analytical Genomics of Complex Traits
Human genome variation in African populations and genetic underpinning of podoconiosis
* Gavin Wright - Cell Surface Signalling
Malaria host-parasite interactions and application to vaccine design
* Gordon Dougan - Microbial Pathogenesis
Pathogenesis, host-pathogen interactions and population biology of bacterial pathogens including Salmonella Typhi
* Ines Barroso - Metabolic Disease Group
Genome-wide association studies of trachoma and sickle cell disease
* Jeffrey Barrett - Statistical Computational Genetics
Medical genomics, understanding the genomic underpinnings of malaria and sickle cell disease
* Julian Parkhill - Pathogen Genomics
Genome and population biology of baterical pathogens including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Vibrio cholerae
* Julian Rayner - Malaria Programme
Malaria host-parasite interactions and application to vaccine design; developing and scaling new phenotyping assays for field studies
* Manj Sandhu - Genetic Epidemiology
Genomic epidemiology of chronic diseases in sub-Saharan African populations
* Matt Berriman - Parasite Genomics
Genome structure and biology of malaria, helminth and kinetoplastid parasites
* Oliver Billker - Malaria Programme
Cell and molecular biology of malaria parasites and parasite-host interactions
* Paul Kellam - Virus Genomics
Pathogenesis, persistence and host susceptibility to viruses including HIV and influenza
* Samuel Kariuki - International Fellow
Epidemiology and molecular characterisation of invasive non-typhoidal Salmonellosis
* Sharon Peacock - Pathogen Biology
Tropical microbiology, genomic epidemiology of bacterial pathogens, application of sequencing to diagnostic and public health microbiology
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