19 Apr 2016

The Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation - now called ‘Open Targets’ - releases its first experimental datasets from consortium experiments and a new API (application programming interface), demonstrating its commitment to sharing data.

Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 19 April 2016 – Following the successful launch of its Target Validation platform at the end of 2015, the Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation has released its first open experimental datasets. Now renamed Open Targets, the pioneering public–private initiative remains committed to speeding up the discovery of new medicines.

17 Apr 2016

New Orleans – (April 17, 2016) The International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) today announced plans to launch of the International Cancer Genome Consortium for Medicine (ICGCmed) a new phase in the Consortium’s evolution that will link genomics to clinical information and health.

The collaborative project will build upon the vast database of genomic discoveries of the ICGC, which, since its launch in 2007, has been mapping 25,000 different cancer genomes in 50 different tumour types and making this data freely available to qualified researchers around the world.