Our Vision

Sanger Institute, Genome Research Limited

The Institute is a centre-stage, world leader in genome research and aims to deliver new insights into human and pathogen biology that change the course of biology and medicine. It will achieve this goal through:

  • Being an ‘ideas factory’; conceiving new biological questions to be addressed through genomics and large-scale biological science.
  • Being at the leading-edge of genomics technology development and implementation.
  • Innovation in aggregation, analysis and interpretation of large quantities of genomic data.
  • Large-scale data production; DNA sequence data will remain a major feature of our science but large-scale phenotype data from humans, mice, pathogens and cells will increasingly feature.
  • Addressing scientific questions underpinning health issues of low and middle income countries, including both infectious and non-communicable diseases.
  • Training of the next generation of scientists and clinicians in genome sciences.
  • Initiation of global collaborative research initiatives with international partners.
  • Being at the centre of a collaborative network of science.