Animals in Research

The Sanger Institute uses animals in research where it is necessary and where there are no alternatives. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and welfare.

Animal research at the Sanger Insitute 

The Institute's mission is to make a vital contribution to understanding and treating major human health problems including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and mental illness. We also seek to increase the understanding of animal disease. In order to do this research, we must use animals for some of our research. 

Our researchers and technicians work hard to ensure we are always applying and developing the highest welfare standards for the animals we use, and we always seek alternatives to the use of animals in research. Research using animals is never undertaken without due consideration and justification.

All research using animals must have approval from the Institute’s Animal Welfare and Ethics Review Body. When planning research using animals all our researchers must fully explain the purpose of the research, justify the use of animals in that research and demonstrate they have applied the principles of the 3Rs – Reducing the number of animals we use, Refining experiments to improve the quality of animals’ lives and Replacing the use of animals through the use of alternative techniques.

As signatories to the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the UK, we are working hard to engage with interested groups on all our science, and our participation in the Concordat strengthens this approach on a topic which can elicit wide debate and strong opinions.

If you would like ask us about our research using animals you can contact us

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