Director of the Sanger Institute: Professor Sir Mike Stratton

Professor Sir Mike Stratton is Director of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Chief Executive of the Wellcome Genome Campus.


Mike leads the Institute as it enters a new era of genome research - an era that will be about application of genomics research to develop new diagnostics and precision treatments for patients.

Mike Stratton Biography

Mike studied medicine at the University of Oxford and Guy's Hospital, and trained as a histopathologist before embarking on a PhD in the molecular biology of cancer at the Institute of Cancer Research in 1989.

Mike took up a Faculty appointment at the Institute of Cancer Research where he led the mapping and subsequent identification of BRCA2, the breast cancer susceptibility gene. Mike went on to uncover further breast cancer genes, broadening understanding of the genetic basis of breast cancer susceptibility and cancer predisposition genes more widely. In 1999 Mike proposed the Cancer Genome Project and in 2000 joined the Sanger Institute's Faculty.

In 2010 he became Director of the Sanger Institute and 2012 Chief Executive Officer of the Wellcome Genome Campus.