What we do

Our research at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute builds understanding of gene function in health and disease as well as creating resources of lasting value to biomedical research.

We study diseases that have an impact on health globally by investigating genomes. Building on our past achievements and based on priorities that exploit the unique expertise of our Faculty of researchers, we will lead global efforts to understand the biology of genomes. We are convinced of the importance of making this research available and accessible for all audiences.

For more information about research at the Sanger Institute, please visit our Research pages. For more information about our software and databases, please visit our Scientific Resources pages.

Our research into genetics and disease

Our genomic information has a significant impact on our health. Global health problems including cancer, malaria, diabetes, obesity and infectious disease are partially determined genetically. At the Sanger Institute we are uniquely placed to build on genome sequences and to engage in biomedical research that elucidates the genetic basis of such common diseases as well as rare or neglected diseases.

Why we study genomes

Genomes are the archival instructions upon which an organism is built. The sequence data provided by the Human Genome Project is a rich source of information that drives improved understanding of human health and variation. Studying human sequences, comparing model organism genomes and investigating the effects of pathogens on humans will build knowledge of the diversity of our genomes and how this affects our susceptibility to disease.


Our dedicated public engagement website provides a variety of resources that make learning about genomics interesting and accessible. Please visit www.yourgenome.org for further information on genetics and the Sanger Institute's contribution.

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Making a difference

Making a differenceFind out how our research and resources contribute to advance in biomedical research


Genomics explained

Genomics explainedHow can DNA shape our health?


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The futureLearn about our priorities and hopes for future biomedical research


Medical information

Medical informationFind out how our research impacts medical advance and learn about our policy regarding medical advice for the public


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