Carol Churcher

Carol Churcher is the head of the Transformation team, managing the transformation programme following the restructuring of the DNA pipelines teams.

She is responsible for programme managing the move to the new structure.

Carol graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc in biological sciences. Her first post was in the Division of Virology, University of Cambridge working on influenza virus. She then moved to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Medical Research Council, Cambridge), where she worked in the lab which Fred Sanger had set up.

At the LMB, Carol worked on the cytomegalovirus sequencing project using radioactive Sanger sequencing. During her time at the LMB, the lab became the first in the UK to purchase an automated DNA sequencing machine.

From LMB, Carol moved to the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, when it was established in 1993. She was responsible for managing one of the first teams and working on the yeast genome sequencing project. She went on to work in the pathogen sequencing group on the causative agents of tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy and food poisoning. In this group, Carol took on the role of pathogen project coordinator.

In January 2008 Carol took on the position of head of sequencing operations where she managed the majority of the sequencing, data handling and finishing. In December 2010 Carol took on the position of head of the Transformation team.

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Head of Transformation Team
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