The Institute is named after Fred Sanger, who pioneered the techniques that make possible the work we do at the Sanger Institute and shaped the way that genomics and biomedicine are explored here and worldwide.

John Sulston was the founding Director of the Institute and provided leadership until the completion of the draft human genome sequence in 2000. Allan Bradley took over the Directorship from John Sulston in 2000, leading the Institute into a new era: studying the biology of genomes. Allan stepped down as Director in 2010 and was succeeded by Mike Stratton.

[Wellcome Library, London]

Allan Bradley

Allan BradleyAllan Bradley is the former Director of the Sanger Institute, where he holds the title of Director Emeritus. Access his biography and learn how he developed the range of skills at the Institute.


John Sulston

John SulstonJohn Sulston was the founding Director of the Sanger Institute. Learn more about his career and achievements at the Institute


Frederick Sanger

Frederick SangerThe Institute is named after double Nobel Laureate, Fred Sanger. Learn more about Fred's career and influence on modern genomics


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