More than 800 people work at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute carrying out research, providing resources or supporting these activities. Our organisation provides strong infrastructure in key technologies to support our innovative research driven by our Faculty and our major community programmes to deliver biomedical resources. Our scientific and corporate strategies are under frequent review to ensure fit to our science and to capitalise on new opportunities.

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Running the Sanger Institute

The Sanger Institute's Board of Management is delegated to run the Institute by Genome Research Limited (GRL) the Registered Charity and legal authority that acts as the Institute's governing body and sets policy.

The Board of Management applies the highest standards of scientific, corporate and charity governance, in compliance with all relevant legislation. The Board of Management is supported by the Operations Committee, which provides information to facilitate Board of Management decision making, and has delegated authority on certain operational matters.

Our Corporate Services departments support our large-scale science and our Faculty, researchers, PhD students and technical staff who work together to maintain our research output. Over 70 people work in administrative roles that support the day to day running of the Sanger Institute.

How our research is organised

Our research is built upon our Faculty of approximately 30 research leaders. Each develops his or her own hypothesis-driven research, seeking answers to important biomedical questions. The Faculty member leads a team of postdoctoral fellows, PhD students and support staff.

The research projects of each Faculty member must strengthen our overarching research areas: Human Genetics, Model Organism Genetics, Pathogen Genetics and Bioinformatics.

Faculty members often lead national or international collaborative programmes. In addition, most are responsible for one or more of our main resources, such as sequencing programmes or database development.

This dual role in hypothesis-led research and resource provision is a defining feature of the Institute. We invest heavily in infrastructure to support our unique capabilities in large-scale genomic research. Each of the major platforms, such as sequencing or genotyping, is supported by teams of skilled staff.

Strategy, funding and governance

The Institute's Scientific Advisory Board oversees the health of the Institute's research and proposals. Our research strategy is determined by the Director and Board of Management in close consultation with advisors to the Institute and with the Wellcome Trust.

Over 70 people work in administrative roles, supporting the Institute's science.

For more information about how our research is reviewed, please visit Strategy and Funding.

The Institute seeks funding from the Wellcome Trust every five years: the current funding runs from 2006 to 2011. In the five year review the Institute proposes its scientific strategy and projects for the forthcoming period. The scientific proposals are subject to peer review and a site review organised by the Wellcome Trust. The strategy, revised as necessary, and budget is presented to the Governors of the Wellcome Trust for their approval.

Approximately 85 per cent of our funding is provided by the Wellcome Trust, the remainder is comes from a variety of other funding agencies.

Mike Stratton

Mike StrattonMike Stratton is Director of the Sanger Institute. Access Mike's profile to learn more about his career and research


Corporate management

Corporate managementLearn about our Board of Management and Corporate Services staff who provide an administrative framework for our science


Academic faculty

Academic facultyA Faculty of 35 to 40 scientists lead research at the Institute. Each develops hypothesis-driven research, seeking answers to biomedical questions


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