How we work

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a non-profit organisation, primarily funded by the Wellcome Trust and run by the charity Genome Research Limited (GRL). More than 800 people work here. Mike Stratton is the Director of the Institute: he leads a Board of Management, who look after the Institute's operations and work to define our strategic aims and policies.

Who runs the Sanger Institute?

The Sanger Institute is run by Genome Research Limited (GRL), a Registered Charity whose aims are to advance research into, and investigation of, the human genome and to publish the results to advance scientific and medical research.

GRL delegates authority to a Board of Management led by the Institute's Director Mike Stratton. More than 800 people work at the Institute. Our management structure is intended to ensure responsiveness to the Institute's scientific needs.

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OrganisationMore than 800 people work at the Sanger Institute. Find out more about key personnel and how the Institute is organised


Governance and policies

Governance and policiesLearn how the Institute is governed and how our policies ensure that our science is conducted in a strong ethical framework


Corporate publications

Corporate publicationsAccess a list of our corporate publications, including our annual reports


Strategy and funding

Strategy and fundingLearn about our scientific and corporate strategies and how our research is reviewed and funded


Our Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory BoardOur Scientific Advisory Board's valued advice and regular review of our research is essential to our mission and focus


Animals in Research

Animals in ResearchRead about our approach to research using animals, our work with alternative methods and some recent findings from research using animals


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