Public engagement at the Sanger Institute

The Sanger Institute is at the forefront of genetics and genomics, an exciting and fast moving area of biomedical research that has a significant impact on human health. Within this decade genomics will become an integral part of healthcare through diagnostics, treatments and therapies.

You can experience genomics first-hand by visiting the Institute and talking directly with our scientists about their cutting-edge research. You will see the technologies that drive this science and enable us to ask important questions about inheritance, evolution, health and disease.

Visit our website to broaden your knowledge of genetics and genomics. Through the arts, exhibitions and events you can explore different areas of genomics and examine the ethical, societal and cultural aspects of this research

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Exploring genomics online

Exploring genomics onlineYou can explore DNA, genes and genomes online at and find out how genomic research is influencing medicine


Experiencing Sanger science

Experiencing Sanger scienceYou can experience our science, talk to our scientists and see the technology of genomics research


Engaging with schools

Engaging with schoolsWorking with schools and educators we develop educational resources and host professional development days for science teachers to help engage students with genomics


Inspiring artists & scientists

Inspiring artists & scientistsArtists and Sanger scientists work together to think innovatively about our research and find exciting new ways to represent genomics through the arts


Creating exhibits & events

Creating exhibits & events You can find out more about genetics and genomics at events supported by the Sanger Institute on campus, in Cambridge and across the UK


Communicating science

Communicating scienceOur scientists reach out to different audiences in many ways to discuss genomics and how it affects us all



The Franklin Centre for Public Engagement
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute,
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus,
CB10 1SA

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